Monday, January 11, 2010

1st Appointment

Today was my first OB appointment. Adam and I arrived about 30mins early which was good because I had to use the potty! When we checked in they had me fill out some paperwork and gave me a bunch of goodies! I got the What to expect when you expecting book, a pregnnacy journal, a book to document all the stages and happenings during this pregnancy, and a bunch of coupons/phamplets. Then we got called back and the nurse asked me a bunch of questions and what not, took my weight which I am up 2lbs right now. Then I had to give a urine sample and told them it wasn't water it really was my urine I was just super hydrated!!:)

The dcotor came in and asked me some questions and told me the do's and dont's of medications and what not to take, and then I talked to him about me working out and that I had got back on my mileage running and was doing mostly low impact cardio and what not, and he said that was fine but to make sure I kept my heart rate at an ok level to not take away blood supply from the baby. He also stated that because I had a hold in my heart that I would be getting an ultrasound done around 18wks to check his/her heart and that I would also be getting one in another 4wks during my 12th wk to check the back of the babies neck to make sure it doesn't have spina bifidia or anything else wrong, and that both those ultrasounds will be done either in St. Louis or Columbia and covered under health insurance as they are medically necessary. It was amazing to see our little baby on the ultrasound today, and to see the heart beating and it had a heart rate of 162bpm!! Nice strong heart beat!! I was also measuring right at 8wks 1day which is dead on for my due date of 22 Aug 10!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

8 Weeks!

I am now in my 8th wk of pregnancy, there are days when the nausea is pretty much gone, but then days when it is full blown and I can't do anything! I haven't had much cramping, but I think it is because this is my 4th pregnancy so my body knows what to do and that is why I already have a small belly on me. I am sure it doesn't help I was only 120lbs prior to getting pregnant so I don't have much belly fat to hide a belly! :)

I have been working out almost daily for the past wk since the nausea has been letting up enough during the evenings. Just doing light cardio such as bike, eliptical, stairstepper or walking/jogging on the treadmill. Been doing lots of lunges, squats and using hand weights to keep my muscle tone with this pregnancy. Although this morning I felt really good so I ran 2 miles on the treadmill, it was by no means a fast 2 mile pace, but it felt good to run, I did notice some cramping after that so I may have pushed myself a little harder than needed to, but I will ask my doctor about that tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning Adam and I go for our first OB appt for this pregnancy and we will be getting an ultrasound, and although I have such a peace about this pregnancy and that all is fine, I still have that little worry in the back of my mind until I see/hear the heartbeat which we will be able to tomorrow. With all the changes that go on with pregnancy it is all so worth it getting to see that little baby on the ultrasound and knowing we created another child out of love and will be adding him or her to our family this summer.

I have a feeling this one is a girl and boy I hope I am right, I bought some adorable little girl onsies at the thirft store yesterday that are all pratically brand new! I was dead one with the boys so I am hoping I am right with this one as well! Although if its another boy that is fine, I just want a healthy baby with 10fingers and 1otoes!

In the next few wks I will rent a doppler like I did when I was pregnant with the boys because I love being able to hear the heartbeat at home and I think it would be neat to share that with the boys as well. It is funny that I know I am pregnant, but as soon as the smallest symptoms start to go away like sore bb's or a lack of nausea one day I begin to wonder did something happen and I just don't know it yet.. so of course my silly butt went to the dollar store yesterday and bought a cheap hpt and took it. As soon as my urine went over the test line that line showed up and dark! So I know my hormone levels are still high and it does just give me a peace of mind until tomorrow morning's appt!

Still pregnant!!
Belly at 8wks!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Got to show the pregnant belly

When I get one!!! LOL

This is me pregnant with baby #3 at 5wks

I did forget about all the bloating that can happen in the first few wks of pregnancy I can't wait till I am past that "Is she pregnant or just getting fat phase!!!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Testing 1,2,3..

Yup we are PREGNANT!!! Baby number three is due to arrive on or around 22 August 2010!! We started trying for another baby back in Sept, I finally felt ready to try again after our loss back in March, and defiantly was ready to be pregnant so I used OPKs and took my temperature daily that cycle. And I didn't really think it would happen, but a few days before my lovely friend was due to arrive I was getting the burpies and was staying up super late! Both are highly unlike me so I took a test at 10 days past ovulation (DPO) and got a big fat negative (BFN) well I still felt like my friend wasn't going to arrive so I tested at 12DPO and got what I thought was a faint second line off a $test from Dollar General. So I retested with another $ test and got a defite 2nd pink line the next morning although it was still light so that afternoon I bought a test from the shopette on post and got a definite blue plus sign. I had a digital that came with my OPKs and was waiting to take it because I wanted to know it would say PREGNANT, so I woke up at 230 am on Saturday and took it, up came the word PREGNANT!!! I was so happy!!!

This was on 12 Dec 09, I tried tried waiting till Christmas to tell Adam, but I couldn't I held it in till Sunday morning and had Hayden tell daddy he was going to be a big brother! It took a mintue to sink in, but boy Adam was so excited and we both got teary eyed. It is an amazing feeling knowing that you are going to bring in another member to your family and that he or she was created out of love. So far so good with this pregnancy, I did call and ask to have my levels checked because I wanted to be on the safe side even with my good feeling of this pregnancy, they did three 48hr checks and my levels doubled every 48hrs like they were suppose to so that Friday the nurse called and said the doctor wanted me to go in for an ultrasound on the 23rd of Dec.

I was excited to get one so early I knew I would be just over 5wks. It was NOT fun having to drink and hold in 32 plus ounces of water!! Adam and I go in for our ultrasound and saw the gestational sac which was measuring at 5wks 5days and based off my last menstraul cycle (LMP) I was 5wks 3days, we also were able to see the yolk sac which provides the baby with nutrients until the placenta takes over which is around wk 10 or so I think. The tech said she thought everything looked good so far, which made me happy. My doctor will get the results early next wk and I am thinking he will either have me come in again for another ultrasound later next wk so we can see the heartbeat because I will be 6wks and we will be able to see the baby by then and see the heartbeat or I will just have to wait till my first appt which is on 11 Jan!!

I did have some brown spotting but only when I wiped that started on Tues the day before my ultrasound, it has since stopped so I think all is fine and I am not worrying about it because everything I have found said it can be normal, my OBs nurse said it can be normal along with the ultrasound tech. They said it was probably left over from when the baby implanted into the uterus abd because it takes a while for it to work its way down it is brown and that brown is good. Even though I still do worry a little bit, I do have a good feeling about this pregnancy and am so grateful the Lord as blessed us with a new addition to our family. I know the boys are so excited about being big brothers and Adam and I are excited to be having another child along with the families with adding another grandchild.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How fast they grow

The above statement is so true! i can't believe my oldest will be 5 next week!! It seems like yesterday I was giving birth to him. Tonight we had his first parent teacher conference with his pre school teacher and she said he is doing wonderful! He is doing great with his cutting and coloring inside the lines, he still needs to work a little bit on the sharing part! He loves his classmates and get along with everybody Miss Mary his teacher said, she also said he loves to dance and sing in class which I think is so adorable!

I also can't believe how big Hayden is getting, hard to believe he is 3 1/2!! he loves his big brother and wants to be just like him! Tonight he said he wanted to turn into Cole!!